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The war on pain #painmatters

This!! I just told my doc the same thing she’s great and is as pissed about this as we are!!

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“It is a unfortunate situation where chronic pain patients have to suffer, literally, for a crisis they don’t own. 100 million people in the US have chronic pain, and some of them need opiates for effective pain management. Of course, many of them now no longer get that. I question whose conscious the rise in suicide rates in that population that should rest upon. I live in Canada and similar policies are coming here. One problem simply amplifying another. What a vile horror to leave people suffering like that, without alternative and effective pain management strategies in place before they do so. Trying to resolve the suffering of some does not justify causing the suffering in others. It just doesn’t. #Painmatters” Nikki Albert

That was my response to a particular topic on the opiate epidemic. And shortly after I wrote this tweet:

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Something Else to add to an ever-changing list of ‘could I have this too’?

via Raynaud’s Syndrome in Fibromyalgiadvocatea and ME/CFS

Random Insight…

So you know you have crossed the line from dog lover to obsessed dog mom when you get mad at the Geico™ commercial for making the dogs sad.  I’m mean their little tails droop and they look so pitiful!!  💔🐶

Morning Affirmations | The Wonderfully Made Podcast

Morning Affirmations

An Odd Solution for Pain & Fatigue

I prefer to drink my coffee, but here’s a possible solution (pun intended)

via How I’m Using Coffee Enemas to Reduce Fatigue, Brain Fog and Pain – National Pain Report

Chronic Pain Awareness

Source: Chronic Pain Awareness

15 Things I’d say to people about Pain for Awareness month

Please stop with the “it can’t be THAT bad” crap! Please & Thank you.

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  1. A smile hides pain quite well. It doesn’t negate it.
  2. This façade is fake, the pain is real.
  3. You not believing my pain doesn’t invalidate it’s existence, just makes it harder to deal with if you mean anything to me. If you mean nothing to me, then likely you never will with that attitude.
  4. Just because I can do something one day, doesn’t mean I can the next. Pain is variable. It can be severe or sometimes more tolerable. It takes a lot of effort to do things because pain is fatiguing and requires recovery, but other times too much pain and I cannot function.
  5. Painsomnia is what we call not being able to sleep from pain alone.
  6. Paingry is what we call being angry because of the pain. Just being in pain and angry about it. Frustration and irritation can be taken out on others, or not. But it…

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Cause, cats…

Kittens that I Love


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Monday Manual: What not to do on a good day

Love these!! Check them out!

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not on good day.png

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