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Chronic pain How we are socially unacceptable

I’m just going to say it, there is a lot of stigma with chronic pain that makes society as a whole judge us as socially unacceptable in many ways. Some small ways and some monumental ways.

So let’s start with some of those ways there are stigma for chronic pain.

Feel free to add to the list.

We can’t just seem to cure ourselves:

Society loves a good cure story. Someone ate wheatgrass and pickles for a year and they were Cured. Ensues fifteen minutes of fame and Life Goes On. None of this chronic pain thing that is just relentless and impacting a life forever. None of this chronic business at all. So… have you tried Everything to cure yourself? Are you sure? Are you doing something Wrong? You must be doing something Wrong. You know, if you lost weight…

It is immensely offensive to society that some of us…

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