Valentine’s day or, you know, my birthday is today, right?

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Presents I'd want for Valentine's Day, Seriously

I know, flowers & chocolates are classic. You cannot go wrong with either. And I have on my desk from last year a wee stuffed monkey that when you squeeze it whistles at you. It is there because I love it. But there are just some things I really, really want that are hard to come by. Those tricky gifts for the chronically ill that you think about but just never, ever get.

A really, nice, refreshing coma

I’m not saying forever here. Or like Years. But maybe a few months of refreshing coma like sleep of non-painness seems nice. Likely isn’t nice. I bet it feels like sleep paralysis hell. But let me dream, man, let me dream. Also he might be arrested if he put me into a coma, so maybe this one is out.

A brand new robot body!!!

Hell Yeah!! Just replace every part of this…

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