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Tylenol? Really….

I just read a lovely article on the National Pain Report called ‘Have Pain? Take a Tylenol’. You can read it for yourselves and see if you get the same gut-wrenching feeling I got. I basically says a cancer patient in EXCRUCIATING pain is being told to take…Tylenol.

Chronic pain: How we are socially unacceptable


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Chronic pain How we are socially unacceptable

I’m just going to say it, there is a lot of stigma with chronic pain that makes society as a whole judge us as socially unacceptable in many ways. Some small ways and some monumental ways.

So let’s start with some of those ways there are stigma for chronic pain.

Feel free to add to the list.

We can’t just seem to cure ourselves:

Society loves a good cure story. Someone ate wheatgrass and pickles for a year and they were Cured. Ensues fifteen minutes of fame and Life Goes On. None of this chronic pain thing that is just relentless and impacting a life forever. None of this chronic business at all. So… have you tried Everything to cure yourself? Are you sure? Are you doing something Wrong? You must be doing something Wrong. You know, if you lost weight…

It is immensely offensive to society that some of us…

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How the CDC’s opioid prescribing guideline is harming pain patients – STAT

Source: How the CDC’s opioid prescribing guideline is harming pain patients – STAT

Pampered pooches

Are you a knitter or crocheter?  Continue reading “Pampered pooches”

Explosive Synchronization: Research on Its Role in Fibromyalgia Pain

Source: Explosive Synchronization: Research on Its Role in Fibromyalgia Pain

Let’s talk migraine awareness

June is Migraine Awareness Month

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Let's talk migraine awareness

So I am having a horrible day. Vomiting from the vertigo and extremely nauseated. And then I have this work ‘situation’ to deal with it on top of all this. A ticking time bomb situation about my leave. And I have a migraine because I got stressed. Right this moment I have tamed the nausea enough to at least write this post. Because it is the first day of migraine awareness month. And it is important to me, even as I am having such a bad day.

Migraine awareness

First I would like to share the lyrics of Twenty one Pilot song called migraine:

I-I-I I’ve got a migraine
And my pain will range from up, down, and sideways
Thank God it’s Friday cause Fridays will always be better than Sundays
Cause Sundays are my suicide days
I don’t know why they always seem so dismal
Thunderstorms, clouds, snow, and a…

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You know you have chronic pain when…

All of these!!!

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You know you have chronic pain when....png

You know you have chronic pain when…

You have nuanced pain to a variety of levels of intolerable and tolerable, functional and non-functional.

When you wonder if your painkiller is doing anything you know you have chronic pain.png

When you wonder if your painkiller is doing anything or if it would be much worse without it.

Nightly ritual of chronic pain.png

When it is impossible to find that just right comfortable spot to sleep in because the pain settles in shortly after.

I'm also tired when.png

When you are so tired you have no idea what not tired even feels like anymore.

Shhhhh. Be very quiet. I might just find the thought that vanished from my brain. Wait... almost...yeah... no, gone..jpg

When thoughts are whimsical things that do not stay in your brain when you need them.

I am strong I insist. But I am tired, I whisper.png

When you insist you are coping well but really you are so very tired of the pain.

motvationless goo.png

When you have lost the motivation to do things because ‘things’ make it worse.

When leaving the house is a rare adventure in pain.png

When leaving the house is a rare adventure in pain

Do one thing.png

When you do a thing and immediately regret that thing

And you have a hard…

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Presents I’d want for Valentine’s Day, Seriously.

Valentine’s day or, you know, my birthday is today, right?

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Presents I'd want for Valentine's Day, Seriously

I know, flowers & chocolates are classic. You cannot go wrong with either. And I have on my desk from last year a wee stuffed monkey that when you squeeze it whistles at you. It is there because I love it. But there are just some things I really, really want that are hard to come by. Those tricky gifts for the chronically ill that you think about but just never, ever get.

A really, nice, refreshing coma

I’m not saying forever here. Or like Years. But maybe a few months of refreshing coma like sleep of non-painness seems nice. Likely isn’t nice. I bet it feels like sleep paralysis hell. But let me dream, man, let me dream. Also he might be arrested if he put me into a coma, so maybe this one is out.

A brand new robot body!!!

Hell Yeah!! Just replace every part of this…

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The Cast Of Black Panther Just Shut Down Another Carpet

Melanin in all it’s righteous glory!!!!

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